CP Ana­lyt­ics

For ExpressionEngine 2 • Current Version: 2.2.3

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CP Ana­lyt­ics is an Expres­sio­nEngine® acces­so­ry which dis­plays an overview of your site’s Google Ana­lyt­ics sta­tis­tics. The acces­so­ry dis­plays quick stats for Today and Yes­ter­day (ses­sions, pageviews, aver­age pageviews per ses­sions, and aver­age ses­sions length), with increased stats for the past 30 days (ses­sions, pageviews, aver­age pageviews per ses­sions, aver­age ses­sions length, bounce rate, per­cent­age of new ses­sions, top con­tent and top refer­rers). The 30-day stats also include sparklines to visu­al­ize site activity.

You can also option­al­ly dis­play your real time traf­fic and an inter­ac­tive 30-day line chart of pageviews and ses­sions on the con­trol pan­el home­page. Or, if you use the dashEE mod­ule, dashEE wid­gets are also includ­ed for dis­play­ing real time traf­fic and a 30-day or 14-day line chart.

You can also dis­play sta­tis­tics for your select­ed pro­file (per-site) in Panic’s Sta­tus Board iPad app, fed direct­ly from your cached CP Ana­lyt­ics data. CP Ana­lyt­ics con­nects to your Google account using OAuth 2.0 autho­riza­tion and ver­sion 3.0 of the Google Ana­lyt­ics Data Export API.


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  • Expres­sio­nEngine® 2.4.0 or greater
  • PHP cURL exten­sion with OpenSSL



IMPOR­TANT! If you have any 1.x ver­sion of CP Ana­lyt­ics installed, you must deac­ti­vate it (both the acces­so­ry and the exten­sion) before upload­ing ver­sion 2.

Upload the includ­ed cp_​analytics fold­ers to your /​system/​expressionengine/​third_​party/​ and /​themes/​third_​party/​ direc­to­ries respec­tive­ly, then acti­vate the acces­so­ry and mod­ule from the Add-Ons → Acces­sories or Add-Ons → Mod­ules menu. Then, vis­it the CP Ana­lyt­ics mod­ule con­trol pan­el to autho­rize your Google account, and select one of your avail­able account pro­files to display.

CP Ana­lyt­ics will dis­play all web­site pro­files which are avail­able to the account you autho­rize with, in alpha­bet­i­cal order, by domain name.


CP Ana­lyt­ics caches your yes­ter­day” and last month” stats dai­ly, and your today” stats hourly. Real time stats are fetched dynam­i­cal­ly every 60 sec­onds while you are on the con­trol pan­el homepage. 

You can option­al­ly cache the Google Chart sparkline images local­ly to your third par­ty themes direc­to­ry or anoth­er direc­to­ry of your choice, using either the module’s Set­tings screen, or the con­fig array items cp_analytics_cache_path and cp_analytics_cache_url.

The cache my be refreshed at any time using the Clear Cache link in the mod­ule con­trol panel. 

Theme Inte­gra­tion

CP Ana­lyt­ics includes cus­tom, auto-loaded styles for the Default, Cor­po­rate, Nerdery, Sassy, and Repub­lic Labs con­trol pan­el themes. 

If you use a dif­fer­ent con­trol pan­el theme, and wish to cus­tomize how CP Ana­lyt­ics looks, add your over­ride styles to a file called your_theme_name.css and upload it to /​expressionengine/​third_​party/​cp_​analytics/​css/​.


Vis­it the offi­cial sup­port forums on devot:ee.


  • 2.2.3 (August 4th, 2016)
    • Fixed a bug where CP Ana­ly­ics could trig­ger a fatal MySQL error when not pre­vi­ous­ly-installed under cer­tain conditions

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